Outdoor Playground Inspections carried out to provide a safe environment for children to play in.

We now have two employees qualified in carrying out Outdoor Playground Inspections.  This service allows schools to ensure playgrounds are inspected by an independant company, ensuring the longevity of the playground equipment and equipment is safe and fit for use by children.

We will come out and inspect the outdoor equipment.  Once the inspection has been carried out, we will write up an inspection report identifying any Low, Medium or High risks that have been identified.  This report is then sent through to the school for their records and a quote can be issued to repair or replace anything identified in the report which may be damaged or not fit for purpose anymore.

This provides schools with a piece of mind service knowing that the outdoor equipment will be professionally checked whilst anything not fit for purpose can be replaced and re-installed.

If you would like us to carry out your playground inspection.  Please contact us on 01782 370008 or email info@grounds-maintenance.com for further information.