Weed control applied throughout the year using a safe and approved method of application.

Cropper Grounds Maintenance provided weed control throughout the year using a weed control based application thats safe and approved. Weed control is part of your grounds maintenance service, preventing weeds appearing over your site. The use of weed control substances and application by Croppers complies with CHAS standards.

There are many reasons to have an approved weed control programme in place:

  1. Helps to keep a weed free and clean environment.
  2. Grounds and walk ways are more pleasing on the eye and will promote a good image of the site.
  3. Ensures that the grounds are safe, with less chance of broken slabs and tarmac caused by weed growth.
  4. Weed control can result in cost saving as less money would be spent on repairing and re-constructing pavements and playgrounds.